Happy Customers


Such a great idea!
I love the Apple and Mint lunch bag! Such a great idea and works a treat with the cooling pouch. Also looks great. I bought the Flamingo design for my 2yo but have even taken it to work myself a couple of times and people always comment on it wherever I go. Sturdy and a great size too. One of my best buys. Keep up the great work would love to see more products from you guys (drink bottles, art smocks, etc) - Zoe

Very innovative product
After many months of searching for the right lunch pack for my kids....I stumbled across Apple & Mint's lunch packs....they are true to their word! I bought one for my daughter (2.5yrs) & my son who is 11 months old (he will use his in time) & they are AMAZING! They keep the kids food & drinks cold & even after 4 or 5 hours the ice pack has still got ice inside the gel pack! Thank you so much for creating a very innovative product...particularly in our Australian climate. Well done, keep up the good work. - Carol

Great purchase
I am so happy I purchased my Apple & Mint lunchbox. I am just about to return to work and still breastfeeding my daughter - I was nervous about storing the milk that I need to pump at work, and this lunchbox means I can rest easy that my milk will stay perfectly cold until I pick up my daughter from daycare, and get home (I could even fit in a shopping trip too). Thanks again - Holly

Backpack & Lunch Bag
To the sales team at apple&mint the customer service I received was above and beyond, my daughter of 4 yrs just loved her backpack and lunch bag she cannot wait to use them both for kinder. It's beautiful and unique. Thank you A very happy mum - Sonia

To say I am thrilled with this product is an understatement!!! It's the perfect size and layout, my 2.5yo can see everything in there without having to pull everything out first. The contents stays cold enough to get us through a whole day and if he hasn't eaten his yogurt pouch it's still cool enough to not be wasted as they used to be in his old insulated lunch bag. I LOVE the coated linen, it's different to anything else on the market and we always get alot of looks when we pull it out. I will always recommend our Apple & Mint Lunch Bag! - Alana

Fantastic Product

I purchased an Apple and Mint lunch bag when we were traveling to the country for a wedding. My 22 mth old was on antibiotics and I needed to keep them cool for the trip (and for the duration of the wedding until I could use the hotel refrigerator) I could not believe how effective this product is - when I took the cooling pack out hours later, it was still frozen and the medicine was as cold as if it was in the fridge! Brilliant. Easy. Practical. Gorgeous. - Julie


I can't recommend apple and mint enough.... In fact I bend anyone's ear I can!! Not only are they gorgeous, the lunch bags are by far the best product I've ever used. We spent the day at beach last weekend and I had my daughters lunch bag in the sun all day and at 4pm her sandwhich was STILL COLD ! Money very very well spent :-) - Lauren

I've never loved a lunch box this much
I purchased my kids your lunch bags for Christmas, so today was the first real workout they have had. It was over 40 degrees today - infact it was so hot that her class was moved from their classroom to another room because their Aircon couldn't cope and the teacher spent the day giving them ice blocks to help stay cool. Her bag was left outside the classroom all day, in direct sunlight all afternoon, so as you can imagine, I was shocked (in a good way!) to discover the ice pack was still icy. In 7 years of sending her to school I've never loved a lunchbox this much - Lisa

Love Love Love
Not only are Apple and Mint bags by far the coolest, most tasteful kids lunchbags out there, they are they most practical! Kids love them because they fall in love with the design ( flamingos for my daughter) and mums love them because they are awesome. The are super easy to use, easy to clean, and can fit heaps and heaps of food ! The gel freezer pack is amazing. My daughter has been using it for 2 weeks since she started at school, and even in the hottest of days the lunch box is still cool inside when she gets home and the icepack still has icy chunks in it ! I love it, and don't have to stress about her eating warm yoghurts of chicken wraps at 4pm. Perfect product Great job, and look forward to more awesome designs - Karen

Awesome product
Thankyou for such an awesome product I received my lunch bag the other day and decided to put it through its test for the first time yesterday on a 37 degree day my 12 months olds lunch stayed perfectly cooled and fresh the whole day we were out and about everywhere and it was still cool when I got home 10hrs later!!! This product is amazing and I'm going to tell everyone about them!!!! Thankyou so much - Cynthia